Voila video capture software for Mac offers the most recording tools of any product on our lineup. It's quality Mac video capture software to record video, screen activity and screenshots. It loses points in our ranking because it lacks editing tools.

The user interface to record video on Macs is modern and intuitive. It's easy to use, clean and uncluttered, with simple tools and a built-in search of an online help guide, if you need guidance.

Video-recording tools include a dropdown Record menu with two options, Fullscreen or Selection, as well as web browsers and iSight or a USB-connected camera. Voila's video-capture quality is very good, and editing the footage in another application produces great visual results. The Timed Capture option sets a specific recording duration via the software's Preferences menu and Capture settings submenu.

There are no video-editing tools in Voila. The software does offer many useful tools to keep things organized, such as the Organizer in the Capture Tray at the bottom of the user interface. If you need to edit any of your captured videos, you may want to use video editing software such as iMovie or a professional application such as Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro.

This video capture Mac software lets you take quality screenshots. There's a selection of shapes for recording onscreen content, including a rectangle, circle, polygon and freehand. The user interface has a toolbar across the top that offers an easy-to-access assortment of recording options. They include options to take still-image screen captures. These options are Fullscreen, Selection (in which you set the capture shape you want), Object (to capture anything on the screen such as a Finder window) and Menu, which captures menus of other software.

This video grabber for Mac does have some nice screenshot-editing tools, such as vector annotations, marquee, resize, rotate and crop, and more. Sharing options in the toolbar include exporting to iPhoto and email, as well as print and publish. You can configure the project to share it on your Flickr account and upload directly to YouTube, or use FTP and SFTP to send your screencasts to a website.

Tech support options include email support, a company blog, a user's manual and user forums. There are no tutorials or phone support.

Voila Summary:

Voila is great Mac video capture software to record videos and screen activity, and to take screenshots. It lacks editing tools, so you'll need separate software if you want to alter your videos, although you can edit screenshots within the application.


Voila 3.3

Voila offers quality recording options, and the most of any product on our lineup.

It lacks editing tools and phone support.

The Verdict
: 5.3/10

This Mac video capture software does a great job recording videos, screen activity and taking screenshots, but you'll need other software if you want to edit your captured videos.