Snapz Pro X Mac video capture software is simple to use, with great recording options, a host of conversion formats and full help and support. It lacks editing tools, however.

After installation, you access the video grabber by pressing Command + Shift + 5, and then select whether you want to capture a section of your computer screen or the entire screen. If you just want to record a section, you can drag the box parameters to encompass the size of the area you want to capture. You also can capture objects on your screen and movies with this video capture Mac software.

After you set your capture window, hit Return to begin recording. The software has a unique audio prompt that yells "Action." When you're done recording, merely hit the same keyboard command and the software yells, "Cut," and stops recording. After saving the video, the prompt says, "That’s a rap." It's a neat feature to record video on Macs.

When recording, you can choose from different frame rates, ranging from one frame per second to 30 FPS, which is a standard frame rate for television in the U.S. This video grabber for Mac supports all conversion formats we evaluated but one, HTML.

Audio can be recorded from a built-in or plug-in mic, and you can record the computer's audio.

There's no way to edit clips when you are done with screen capture, which is a definite drawback.

Snapz Pro X does a good job of capturing still images, which can be used in slideshows and other presentations. Capture the entire screen or select specific regions to record. You can save still images as BMP, GIF, JPG, PDF, PICT, PNG, PSD and TIFF files. These can be set up ahead of time in Preferences, along with the location to save your screenshots.

This video capture software for Mac offers a full range of help and support options. There's email and telephone support, a blog, video tutorials, user forums, a FAQs page and a user's manual inside the Snapz Pro X folder within the Applications folder.

Snapz Pro X Summary:

Snapz Pro X offers strong recording tools, most standard conversion formats and full help and support for its customers. This Mac video capture software takes quality screenshots but lacks video and audio editing tools. If you're looking only for quality video and screenshot capture, this product is for you.


Snapz Pro X 2.5.1

Snapz Pro X has excellent video and screenshot recording tools, ample conversion formats and a full complement of help and support options.

You cannot edit video or audio with this software.

The Verdict
: 6.38/10

If you're looking for quality video and screenshot capture without editing tools, this Mac video capture software will work well for you.