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ScreenFlow 4 Review

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PROS / This Mac video capture software offers the strongest editing tools for video and audio and a full array of customer support options.

CONS / You cannot convert files to AVI or WAV.

 VERDICT / This product is a great tool for capturing and editing any activity on your computer monitor, including videos and software demonstrations. It earns our highest recommendation.

ScreenFlow offers powerful features and tools to capture and edit videos for professional tutorials, presentations, video training, software demos and more. This Mac video capture software offers all the editing tools we evaluated and most of the recording tools. It has ample conversion formats and full customer support.

This video grabber for Mac has an intuitive user interface that's akin to Apple's iMovie. It can capture video from your entire screen while recording input from your video camera, microphone and computer audio.

It lets you create quality movies to publish on a website, blog, Vimeo, YouTube or directly to social media sites. It makes creating and publishing screencasts a cinch, especially the editing phase. Due to its strong features and many editing tools, ScreenFlow earns our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

Recording Features

You can rotate videos, crop them and change their opacity. You can add shadows, alter colors and blur them. You can adjust the saturation, brightness and contrast as well as adding filters. The best video capture software for Mac lets you record from an iSight or USB camera for a personalized video screencast, and ScreenFlow doesn't disappoint here. You can make yourself the star of your own screencast with this software.

With this video recording software, you can adjust the screen-recording properties to show or hide the mouse pointer, change the percentage of pointer zoom from 0 to 500 percent and change the appearance of the pointer. You can set up this application to show keystrokes during recording. You also can add screen actions such as pan and zoom.

The options for audio recording are easy to use. If you want to record computer audio, click the Record Computer Audio box. This will record audio from iTunes, sounds from a web browser, Apple's alert sounds and so on. To record audio, you must install an additional free driver.

Editing Tools

ScreenFlow's editing tools are extensive and among the best of the Mac video capture software we reviewed. They are straightforward and easy to use. If you're familiar with Mac video editing applications such as iMovie, you should be able to work easily in the editor window.

After recording, the editor window pops up with your captured video in place. The large window displays the edited project in the center-left of the interface. A timeline is situated at the bottom, which is where you can edit. On the right side is a window that lets you adjust properties of the video, audio, screen recording and callout action, in which you can highlight certain parts of the video, as well as annotations and text.

There are a number of pro-level tools in ScreenFlow's video editor, including the ability to adjust the playback speed – slow and fast motion, and freeze frames. You can also add 2D and 3D transitions to clips, add text and graphics, and trim your video.

The callout action feature can highlight a specific portion of a video, such as a Finder window on the desktop. You can then adjust the background opacity and add blur. You can zoom in on the foreground too.

ScreenFlow lets you add text over videos and adjust annotation properties and colors. You apply text by adding a text box and then typing in the text. You can change fonts and text sizes.

This video recording software has several audio-editing options, including adjusting the volume manually and an advanced feature called "audio ducking." Audio ducking is when the level of one audio signal is lowered in favor of another. Essentially, if there are two tracks of audio, such as narration and music, audio ducking will keep the music volume low while the narrator is talking on the other track.

You can detach audio from video clips and process the audio to smooth volume levels and mix the input to mono. This video grabber software lets you remove background noise and add effects such as band-pass filters and reverbs that imitate those of different chambers and rooms, such as a cathedral. You also can add audio filters, recordings and other media.

Conversion Formats

You can create different video formats with ScreenFlow. These include MPEG-4, WMV, QuickTime (MOV) and AIFF. There's also the PNG format for screenshots.

You also can publish to Flash, which creates an HTML option for website use. The software cannot convert files to AVI or WAV.

Help & Support

ScreenFlow offers a full array of support options, including telephone and email. There are online video tutorials to assist you with getting started. The user forums, a blog and a FAQs page with a knowledgebase will help you further. While using the software, you can call up help via the help option in the menu bar.


ScreenFlow is excellent Mac video capture software for recording video on Mac computers and from an iSight or USB camera. This video recorder for Mac offers strong editing tools. It's easy to use and has advanced editing features to produce professional videos. It lacks the ability to capture only portions of your screen, but that's not necessarily a downside because you can easily crop the footage. This product earns a strong recommendation.