iShowU HD Pro is Mac video capture software made explicitly for video and screen capture. The product does a good job of recording quality videos and activities on your computer monitor. It is not made to edit video or audio, though, and it does not capture still screenshots.

It's easy to record video on Macs with this software. You can capture the Mac's entire screen or a specific region. You can select whether you want the camera to follow the cursor and whether to record sound with a built-in or external microphone, or from sources such as iTunes or a web browser.

This video grabber software for Mac lets you choose the video size in which to record and change the frame rate from one to 30 frames per second. It outputs screencasts to MOV format, to play in QuickTime. The purchase of companion software, Stomp, will let you output your recordings to any format listed on our lineup.

You cannot record from an iSight or USB-connected camera with iShowU HD Pro, and the software does not let you schedule recordings or capture 3D gameplay.

The Preview window shows a live preview of your screen before you start recording. You can create borders and add a watermark to your videos. You also can show keystrokes, which works well for producing tutorials.

There are no editing tools available with iShowU HD Pro, but you can perform simple video editing if you purchase Stomp. It will let you crop, scale and shrink video file sizes. This Mac video capture software also works well with iMovie and Apple's professional editing software, Final Cut Pro. If you don't need to edit your video, you can upload it directly to YouTube.

There are some good support options with this product, including telephone and email. There are also a company blog, tutorials and a user's manual.

iShowU HD Pro Summary:

iShowU HD Pro is good Mac video capture software to capture videos and screen activities. You can show keystrokes, which works well for making video tutorials. The software lacks some editing tools and output options, but it has reasonably priced companion software to meet those needs.


iShowU HD Pro 2.3.3

iShowU HD Pro can demonstrate keystrokes, which is a good feature for making video tutorials. It has a variety of customer support options as well.

You must purchase companion software to edit videos and to output files to various formats.

The Verdict
: 4.85/10

This software does a good job at capturing screen activity and videos, but it has few tools to alter them to create tutorials and other video-based presentations.