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Video Capture Software Reviews

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Video Capture Software Review

Why Video Capture Software?

For a variety of reasons, people decide to capture video footage from their computer screen to a hard drive for use at another time. Some people want to record a video to have on hand when the internet is not available; record a presentation to post or use at a later date; create a tutorial that can be posted online and watched by viewers everywhere; or perhaps you are one are looking into video capture software for one of the countless other possibilities.

With the video capture software applications that we tested, we found a number of features and tools that will allow you to edit or enhance any video capture process. After capturing and editing your video you can easily post the video on a website, a blog or on YouTube to share with people who have common interests. Video capture software is a great way to advance the knowledge in your field or share touching moments with friends and family. With the affordability, the ease and the possibilities that video screen capture offers, we found it has a little something for everyone.

To learn more about video capture software, we invite you to view our learning center for articles on video capture software. You will also be able to read reviews on today’s top products: Camtasia, Adobe Presenter 10 and Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

What to Look for in Video Capture Software

It's likely that you have certain features and tools in mind that you want your video screen capture software to provide. With the countless possibilities of results, we have narrowed the categories down to four topics, which we used to rate each product.

Recording Tools
This rating criterion helped us get to know how well each application was able to capture video from your computer screen. We took into account what the software could record, the quality, the speed, the file saving options and the audio recording.

Editing Tools
The score that come from this criterion made us aware of what the software could do beyond simple video screen capture. We looked into features such as: adding text, voice or callouts to the video after recording, altering the file size, cutting frames and restoring the video to a seamless production and learning which app does it best.

Help & Support
Through this criterion we looked into each company’s customer support system and the help consumers receive. We looked at tutorials, frequently asked questions, contact information, response time and company profiles to find out which company offered the most dependable help and support.

Video capture software is a way for you to extend your curiosity about video making into a hobby or part of your profession. The software we found will allow you to pick video clips and edit them into a coherent tutorial, home movie or web video. Video capture software is a way to go from looking at videos on your computer in wonder to becoming a skilled video maker in your own right.